Month: September 2023

COVID’s Breakdown

Category : virus

“You better stop and appearance around Here it comes, here it appears, here it appears, here it comes down Here comes your 19th nervous breakdown.”

The lyrics through the Rolling Stones’ famous 1964 song “19th Nervous Breakdown” appears to best summarize the world’s trauma within the last 3 years. The population didn’t check around when Covid-19 arrived…they simply swallowed the CDC’s edicts and the politicians’ decrees forming a situation of mass psychosis. A few virologists and epidemiologists challenged the policies government entities dictated but those doctors were intimidated, ridiculed, and silenced. No one was interested in an additional or third opinion to question the authorities, even after mid-March of 2020, in the event the Italian Health Ministry published the first credible profile in the causes of Covid deaths, which a high correlation to co-morbidities, obesity, and age (four decades). Ultimately, the CDC data in connection with profile of U.S. Covid deaths mirrored what are the Italians initially reported.

What did governmental authorities do in March 2020? Instead while using the Italian data as a guide to concentrate on the vulnerable portion with the population, they proclaimed a national emergency granting themselves authoritarian power resulting in the closure of non-essential businesses, the prohibition of group gatherings, converted in-class learning in schools to on-line education, established distancing guidelines of six feet, mandated masks, and demonized anyone who challenged them. Yes, it’s a serious virus… a million people died within the US…or at least just what the official death records tallied. However, hospitals were paid bonuses for each and every reported COVID fatality, grossly overstating the reported numbers. The media bombarded the population with fear and panic leading to frantic behavior. Doctors were paralyzed…not even a suggestion to adopt a variety of over-the-counter therapeutics to mitigate the risk. Instead, they simply told patients to attend a hospital if experiencing high-grade fever or breathing problems…many were mistakenly placed on ventilators. After PCR tests became available, cycle measurement increases were mandated, expanding the quantity of results, fueling even more paranoia. Then it was obviously a waiting game…delivery of experimental drugs was promised under Operation Warp Speed to get rid of the virus.

Recommendations were created for everyone to isolate in their residences, while parks, beaches, and golf courses were closed. Businesses were shuttered; or if deemed as essential, limited customers. As unemployment levels skyrocketed, Congress passed a number of rescue programs, adding trillions of dollars towards the national debt. The Federal Reserve absorbed most with the monetary expansion, increasing their balance sheet by five trillion dollars, while holding interest rates near zero percent. It’s hard to fathom how numerous critical mistakes were made. Covid-19 mutations still persist, and deaths always mount, albeit at a slower pace, but K-12 education suffered, and mental illnesses increased, while a huge number of businesses went bankrupt. Supply chain disruptions caused gross shortages in food items and manufactured goods; and in conjunction with massive money printing, came up with current inflation toxicity. The FED’s irresponsible zero monthly interest monetary policy has now caused shocks in the banking system. Big government comes to the rescue again and has come up with next crisis. As in Rolling Stones’ song lyrics… “nothing they actually do usually work…it only seems to complicate things.” The insanity has led us down the path towards the next nervous breakdown.