Genital Herpes Disease

Genital Herpes Disease

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Start of genital herpes disease after sexual contact with an infected person and symptoms appear in the form of recurrent sores is detected in the clinic. Be sores in glands on the skin and on the penis, where the infection is very painful and continue for a period ranging from 2 – 3 weeks in the absence of treatment. For women, have some problems occurred in the outer regions of the genital organs and in the vagina and cervix symptoms can include difficulty urinating and severe pain, especially when the infection is in the cervical region occurs, burning and pain. Repeat herpes infection increases with the following effects: – Small bruises in the incidence of herpes Other infections, including respiratory sewage small upper Exposure to sunlight (UV) Working Hormone in women (especially before menstruation) Emotional stress Operations performed on the face Dental Surgery Different disease for the first time for recurrence in the size of pimples and the way it collects.

Infection occurs virus type 1 in any area of the body, but mostly you get in the face and on the lips is not a clear pill in the mouth. Repeat virus infection 2 may occur in any area of the body also but mostly occur in the genital area and buttocks. Repeated occurrence of HIV infection in the same areas in the body but not in the same area that was hit the first time infected skin itchy and burning an hour after the injury and accumulate pimples at the center of a red and recovering after 7 to 10 days and without leaving behind spots or marks on the skin and are usually infected person feel comfortable, but there is a high temperature and expanding neighboring lymph roots and although the blisters spreading cluster but sometimes in the form of a line such as measles or herpes blisters, especially when they hit the bottom of the chest and the lumbar region of the body. White spots appear in the incidence of recurrent disease and are more visible on dark skin. Complications: 1 – Eye infection: Herpes causes swollen eyelids. The cause heartburn in the cornea of the eye and swelling and pain in the lymph glands. 2 – Throat infection leading to severe pain. 3 – Sensitivity herpes: Happen for people with allergic children and appears in the form of vesicles scattered in the face accompanied by swelling in the lymph glands and high temperature. 4 – Inflammation of erythematic and allergic erythematic occurs on the hands, arms and lower limbs and appears in the form of reddish spots. 5 – The nervous system: Nerves may be involved in facial herpes virus and the resulting temporary muscle relaxant infected. Proceeded by infection in a time of severe pain due to infection with the herpes virus. Rarely have there in meningitis is associated with disease. 6 – The spread of herpes disease in all the body, particularly those who have a lack of immune and this is dangerous for them.

Treatment: Herpes simplex does not need to treat and as the sun increases the chances of infection but that the use of creams and ointments anti-rays contribute to the alleviation of disease and for injury acute herpes should use anti-virus and include the following drugs that are taken by mouth: – ACICLOVIR – VALCICLOVIR – FAMCICLOVIR Put antiviral for herpes an end to it when it reaches the skin or the mucous membranes, but do not eliminate entirely the virus from its origins in the nerve cells. And can these drugs to stop and prevent the spread of the disease, but one course of treatment is not enough to prevent injury in the future and must be taken courses treatment fully to ensure the injury does not recur in the future. Usually the disease for the first time a simple and lightweight, but they are more serious in the case of recurrence, especially in genital herpes, which is usually more frequently than simple. So you must beware of illicit relationships, which tends to be a major cause of herpes.