Month: July 2021

Homeoprophylaxis And Treatment For West Nile Virus

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West Nile Virus is an influenza-like illness that is spread by mosquitoes. Symptoms of West Nile Virus in mild cases resemble flu-like symptoms, including fever, headache and body aches. Some people may also develop a mild rash or swollen lymph glands. For people with more severe illness, symptoms could include the rapid onset of severe headache, high fever, stiff neck, nausea, difficulty swallowing, vomiting, drowsiness, confusion, loss of consciousness, lack of coordination, muscle weakness and paralysis.
The best defense against West Nile is, of course, prevention of mosquito bites. It is little known, though, that some of the best mosquito repellant is natural, non-toxic, and taken orally. This is the homeopathic remedy Staphysagria. When taken orally before going outside, within 30 minutes you won’t seem so tasty. Mosquitoes may land, but they will not bite. In the 1960s, Trexler proved Staphysagria to be 90% effective at preventing mosquito bites. Should you be bitten, however, Staphysagria will reduce the severity of the bite and decrease your likelihood of falling ill from West Nile or other mosquito-borne diseases. I recommend it in the 4DH potency to prevent insect bites. In addition to mosquitoes, it will defend against ticks, lice, fleas, wasps, bees, mites, black flies, noseeums, and other biting and stinging insects, as well as reducing pain, itching and other adverse effects.
In confirmed cases of West Nile Virus, there are other homeopathic remedies to consider. For the flu-like symptoms of West Nile (fever, headache and body aches), use Oscilloccinum, repeated every two hours from the onset of symptoms. Eupatorium perfoliatum also helps with body aching in the bones, soreness with restlessness, and headache. For rapid onset of fever and other symptoms, and for feelings of panic or fear, use Aconitum. For stiff neck, drowsiness, weakness, body aches, and swollen lymph nodes, Gelsemium is indicated. For confusion, weakness, dullness, and red face with fever, Baptisia. Lathyrus and Curare are helpful for paralysis in severe cases, but please consult a homeopath in these cases.
Other remedies to consider for insect bites include Urtica urens for burning, itching, and stinging, Grindelia and Cedron for intermittent fevers and rheumatic complaints, and Ledum palustre for puncture wounds and inflammation. Ledum palustre, like Staphysagria, also acts as an oral mosquito repellant.
Homeopathic medicine is, by definition, non-toxic, and does not interact with medications or topical applications. The use of homeopathic remedies to prevent mosquito bites has many advantages. Conventional insect repellants can be smelly, toxic, inconvenient, and hard on the environment.